Reduce risks

Always be sure of what's coming

Increase uptime

Work safely in higher sea states




Wave prediction

  • Red light: seconds to next workable period of 30 seconds or longer
  • Green light: seconds left to perform operation

Reduce risk, gain workability

Thousands of ships are challenged with difficult offshore tasks on a daily basis. Operational boundaries for these ships are constantly redefined due to new technology.

NEXT Ocean offers such enabling technology. By scanning the waves we provide you information on your ship's actual motions, minutes ahead in time.


  • Lower risk by large wave warning
  • Literarily 'see' the waves coming, even by night
  • Increase uptime whilst keeping safety standards intact



Heavy Lift

Carefully close the gap, choose the perfect moment for the load transfer.

Photo source: www.statoil.com

Offshore Wind Access

Provide safe access by eliminating unpredicted ship motions.

Photo source: www.marinelink.com

Compensation Limit

Be warned minutes ahead when your motion compensation tends to reach its limits.

Photo source: www.osjonline.com

Platform Supply

Operate platform cranes safely in higher sea states.

Photo source: ...

Helicopter Landing

Choose the right moment for a safe landing.

Photo source: www.militarytimes.com

Launch and Recovery

Make sure your delicate equipment safely passes the splash zone.

Photo source: ...


Never loose a spud pole again due to an unpredicted high wave.


Provide safe ship to ship crossings by picking a quiescent moment in time.

Photo source: www.knvts.nl

Subsea Installation

Pick your preferred moment to lower templates and other equipment.

Photo source: ...

Pipe Lay Supply

Unload pipe supply barges without damaging the pipe sections.

Photo source: ...

Jack Up Vessels

Lower and raise legs in a quiescent period.

Photo source: www.seafox.com

Anchor Handling

Warn deck crew before they are flushed off deck.

Photo source: www.pintrest.com



Environmental Friendly Technology!

Next Ocean's wave predicting technology is acknowledged being an environmental friendly technology by the Dutch Government. Short term wave predicting technologies enable more efficient use of ships. Therefore their use is stimulated by tax reduction via the MIA(36% investment reduction on fiscal profit) and VAMIL(75% variable write off) regulations.

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New Office Location

Next Ocean opens the doors of her new office in Buccaneer Delft. The Buccaneer, a former army arsenal beautifully converted to office spaces and owned by Joop Roodenburg, is located in the historic city centre of the Delft. It houses the Buccaneer Accelerator that is focussed on start-ups in the offshore and energy business.

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Next Ocean starts Youtube Channel

We started a YouTube channel to provide you easy access to the jewels of all the wave and ship motion related risky offshore action movies we come across.

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STW subsidy granted

The Take-off subsidy is ment to stimulate commercialisation of innovations developed at Dutch knowledge institutes. We thank STW for their financial support and therewith acknowledgement of the added value of our ship motion prediction technology.

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NEXT Ocean wins Port Innovation Lab

After three months of hard work NEXT Ocean is announced as winner of the Port Innovation Lab. The prize was awarded by the jury and handed over by Mare Straetmans, managing director of PortXL, during the award ceremony of the Launch Day event at YES!Delft.

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