Predict ship motions
wave by wave

Minutes ahead of time...

"Less Risk, More Uptime!"
Foresee quiesent periods and perfectly time the most critical part of your offshore operation. Or get a warning when upcomming ship motions are likely to cross set limits in the next minutes. This is all possible with the Next Ocean WavePredictor.

  • Red light: seconds to next workable window
  • Green light: seconds left to safely perform operation


  • Decision Support System for critical offshore operations
  • Using conventional pulse radar technology
  • Extensively tested in operational conditions
  • Backed by numerous commercial and governmental organisations


Products Overview

Innovative technology: how does it work?

Next Ocean is the first company world wide to succesfully deploy this innovative technology in the field using no more than conventional X-band pulse radar as sensor.

Next Ocean has developed innovative algorithms that provide valuable information: real-time prediction of approaching waves and the resulting ship motions minutes in advance.

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