The Next Ocean HeavePredictor is the system to use in the harshest environmenst where operations are mainly performed through a moonpool, and the heave motions are the limiting factor.

Decision Support Interface

At the blink of an eye you can directly spot if some extreme waves or motions are at hand. This decision support tab provides an overview of the most relevant information. On a statistical level, like the WaveAnalyser does: Where do the waves come from, what is their peak period? But it does so much more. The HeavePredictor also indicates when the next limit crossing event occurs, or when a quiscent period is nearby.

The stoplight turns amber when a limit crossing event is expected. Simultaneously the timer starts counting down till the start of the 'unsafe' period. When the unsafe period reaches 'now' the stoplight turns red. This time, the timer starts to count till the next green, 'safe', period arrives in the present. Soon the stoplight turns green again: you're good to go, even in marginal conditions!

Motion Prediction Interface

For those interested in all the predictions for the 6 single DOF (degrees of freedom in which a vessel can move: surge, sway, heave, roll, pitch and yaw) there is the motion prediction tab in the user interface. Next to the predictions the measured motions are shown to indicate the match.

The predictions for each of these 6 DOF can be combined and displayed on the decision support tab as a: 'Motion Severity Index'. Setting fixed limits to this MSI makes it easy for the crew to determine if they can continue operations, in any given sea state.

Functional Requirements

For the HeavePredictor to operate certain hardware is required. It is adviced to install a dedicated radar system. However, you can use the already available X Band navigation radar on request. Please contact us for more information.

Click here to read more on the dedicated radar solution offered by Next Ocean.

Functional Requirements:

  • Dedicated 8ft X Band radar
  • System hardware
  • Vessel RAO's
  • Internet connection

Operational Requirements

The following operational condition requirements apply:

  • Hs > 2.5m
  • 6s < Tp < 20s
  • Wind > 3Bft
  • Vessel operating on DP - low speeds
  • Free view of radar into wave direction, possibly by using a dual radar setup