About Next Ocean BV

Next Ocean specializes in short-term deterministic wave and ship motion prediction. Our focus is on reducing operational risks and maximizing operational uptime in offshore environments. Whether it's installing offshore wind turbines or ensuring safe personnel transfer during maintenance tasks in challenging conditions, our solutions are engineered to deliver reliability and efficiency. Powered by advanced technology and industry expertise, we're committed to advancing the offshore industry standards. With Next Ocean, you have a trusted partner for navigating complex offshore operations. Join us as we set sail for a safer, more efficient maritime and offshore industry.


Next Ocean, a Spin-Off from Delft University of Technology, was founded in 2016 by Peter Naaijen en Karel Roozen. Situated at Buccaneer Delft, the Energy and Offshore Accelerator in the bustling city center of Delft, the company thrives within this innovative ecosystem.

Peter earned his degree in Maritime Technology from Delft University of Technology, specializing in Ship Hydromechanics. Over the past years, he served as an assistant professor at the Ship Hydromechanics department of the university. Since 2008, Peter's primary research focus has been deterministic wave and ship motion prediction utilizing ship radar, resulting in numerous publications.

Karel, likewise a graduate of Delft University of Technology in Maritime Technology with a focus on Ship Hydromechanics, embarked on his career as an engineer specializing in ship motion studies straight out of university. Presently, his commitment lies in advancing the company's mission: successfully introducing wave and ship motion prediction technology to the market.

Since the company is founded, Next Ocean BV has fostered robust collaborations with both commercial and non-commercial institutions. Located in close proximity to major offshore hubs such as Rotterdam, Vlissingen, IJmuiden, and Den Helder, we leverage this dynamic environment to its fullest extent. Whenever possible, we harness the extensive expertise available through our esteemed partners.

Supported by the Sector

To quote Jan Hoegee, the jury chairman for the 2017 OEEC Innovation Award: "The problem of anticipating on severe wave conditions impacting operations at sea is a paramount one. Next Ocean's innovation includes analytics to come up with huge cost savings, improving safety of operations and realizing better use of assets at sea. It is a nice tool and ‘easy to understand’."

But recognition for Next Ocean's technology extends beyond the expert jury of the 2017 OEEC Innovation Award. Various stages in the evolution of both Next Ocean's products and the company itself have received ongoing support from public funding sources. These funds, typically allocated by governmental bodies comprising maritime and offshore industry experts, signify a vote of confidence in Next Ocean's endeavors.

Moreover, the development of this technology receives momentum from commercial partners who deploy Next Ocean technology onboard their vessels. We deeply value the support and recognition extended to us by the maritime and offshore community. Such encouragement fuels our dedication to delivering products and services that align with our motto: "Less Risk, More Uptime!"

Company Management

Karel Roozen MSc.

CEO & Co-Founder

Company Strategy

Peter Naaijen PhD.

CTO & Co-Founder

Research & Development

Uneco de Meester MSc.


Business Development & Sales

Raghu Paravastu MSc.


Field Operations & Data Analytics

Advisory Board

Wanda Cornelissen



Albert de Heer