Product Features

The Next Ocean products are setup in a modular way. Certain features can easily be added or left out depending on your needs. See below overview for all available features and those that are under development. Missing a feature? Let us know!

Wave Prediction

Predict waves, even in confused seas, up to minutes ahead of time

Ship Motion Prediction

Predict 6DOF ship motions by combining wave prediction with vessel RAOs

Significant Wave Height

Estimation for Hs based on 2D wave spectrum measured by radar combined with the ship RAOs

Peak Wave Period

The period of the peak wave as indicated by the 2D wave spectrum measured by the radar

Peak Wave Direction

The direction of the peak wave as indicated by the 2D wave spectrum measured by the radar

2D Wave Spectrum

2D, 'directional', wave spectrum: see the distribution of the wave energy over directions and wave periods

Current Speed & Direction

Estimation for both the current speed and direction as measured by the radar

Output Data Logging

Gain access to our on board data logging API via the HTTP protocol

Dual Radar Input

Feed data from a second radar when a significant part of the radar view is blocked


Comming Soon

The following features are currently under development. Do you also have a request for a certain feature? Let us know!

Heading Advice

Present a 'capability' plot designed for your operation based on vessel heading

HTML 5 Interface Widgets

Get access to our HTML 5 interface widgets to display our information in your own interface

Online Client Portal

Keep track of vessel positions and operational conditions via the online client portal

RAO Estimator

Improve transfer functions for ship motion prediction 'on the go' based on recent motion measurement vs prediction history



Load the output of our products in your own data architecture via the OPC UA protocol