Next Ocean Welcomes First Chief Commercial Officer

We're thrilled to announce that we have hired Uneco de Meester as our CCO, making a significant step in our growth strategy. As successful entrepreneur De Meester brings a wealth of market development knowledge and extensive experience in scaling a software company.

"The Next Ocean Wave Predictor is an incredibly smart product with very clear added value for a wide range of operations at sea", De Meester stated. "We make these operations safer and more efficient. I am very excited to help develop the market for Next Ocean and in that way contribute to the transition to renewable energy sources at sea."

Next Ocean, known for its innovative wave prediction technology, enhances safety and efficiency in maritime operations, contributing to the broader goal of advancing the energy transition.

WavePredictor Commissioned On Multipurpose Vessel

Last Monday a Next Ocean WavePredictor system has been successfully commissioned on board a Boskalis multipurpose vessel. This vessel is equipped with a trencher that can burry power cables several meters into the seabed. The WavePredictor will be used for trencher launch and recovery operations in challenging weather conditions.

North Star SOV Grampian Derwent

New Next Ocean WavePredictor system commissioning onboard the North Star SOV Grampian Derwent has been completed by our colleague Sander de Haan yesterday in Aberdeen. Big thanks to our client for the collaboration on this project and we wish the Grampian Derwent and her crew a safe voyage!

IADC ART Presentation

Our director was presenting at IADC ART 2023 today. It was great to see the interest in the technology and great to meet with so many people. Big thanks to the organising committee for this well organised event!

Don't let a feeder become a money bleeder

Great article by MO4 on feeder barge operations mentioning the benefits of using the Next Ocean wave and vessel motion prediction technology for safe OWT component lifts in marginal weather conditions.

Our WavePredictor technology predicts the feeder barge heave motions wave by wave up to three minutes ahead of time. The information provided by this decision support system is used by the WTIV crew to pick the safest moment for critical parts of the lifting operation, like connecting the lifting tool and the actual lifting of the component off the feeder barge.

Factory Acceptance Test

After successfully testing the system about a week ago, the Next Ocean - Increasing Operational Windows wave and motion prediction radar is going to be installed at the BW Ideol FLOATGEN floating wind turbine this week.

Keep an eye on the FLOATECH H2020 Offshore Wind Project page for updates!


Next Ocean wave prediction radar setup ready for shipment to St. Nazaire, France, where it will become part of an offshore floating wind turbine!

This radar will be installed on BW Ideol's FLOATGEN FWT anytime soon as part of the FLOATECH H2020 Offshore Wind Project to support the development of wave-based feed-forward motion control. We'll keep you posted!

Preparing for Offshore Work

Our new colleagues succesfully completed their BOSIET with HUET safety trainings today. Escaping through windows of upside down submerged helicopters, that kind of skills... (hopefully you'll never have to put them to practice). Congrats guys, ready for the real offshore work!

Welcome Derk!

After successfully defending his MSc thesis on Nonlinear Potential FEM at the TU Delft, Derk started working at Next Ocean last week. We’re very happy to welcome Derk within our company to further strengthen the team!

Welcome Sander!

Last week Sander started working at Next Ocean. Sander is a familiar face in the office. We have been working together during his graduation internship at Next Ocean for the past months. After successfully defending this thesis at the TU Delft beginning of March, we’re very happy to welcome Sander within our company to strengthen the team!

Follow-up Contract Signed by TOC

Proud to announce that Next Ocean continues cooperation with The Ocean Cleanup over the coming winter!

Whilst 'System 002' is successfully capturing plastics from the Pacific Ocean, our wave radar solutions monitor the waves to gain further insight in the behaviour of the cleanup system in a variety of environmental conditions.

Next Ocean WavePredictor systems for North Star SOVs

We're thrived to announce the order by our client North Star Renewables of the Next Ocean WavePredictor system for their newbuild (C)SOVs! The first of these systems will be installed and commissioned in 2023.

We like to thank North Star Renewables for their trust in our technology and we look forward to our cooperation.

WaveAnalyser Validation Study

Great to see two graphs in such agreement whilst verifying our Significant Wave Height data vs the freely available Copernicus data.

What's shown is roughly 2 months' worth of Significant Wave Height data, or simply 'Hs'. The red graph is as derived by our WavePredictor system onboard a ship out at sea. The Copernicus data has been plotted for the same GPS locations. Which of the two graphs is closest to reality can only be determined with wave buoy data which is not available in this case.

At least the agreement of the two tells us that neither of them is likely to be far off!

Multi Modal Wave System?

A nice example of a multi-modal wave spectrum, with waves from multiple directions and with multiple periods. Imagine the challenge of choosing an optimal heading to minimize ship motions...

Every vessel being slightly different due to hull design and loading conditions, the trick is to combine these detailed wave energy density spectra with the vessel specific wave response characteristics. Together they provide an accurate heading advise to e.g. minimize motions at the base of the gangway.

As these wave energy density spectra are measured live in the field by our onboard system, you're always provided with the most up to date, accurate wave input and related operational advise: Less Risk, More Uptime

Next Ocean Sings Follow-Up Contract with The Ocean Cleanup

Next Ocean signs follow-up contract with The Ocean Cleanup for 2 new installations.

We are pleased to continue our relationship with The Ocean Cleanup by providing a solution for continuous measurements of the wave conditions and surface currents.

We have enjoyed working together and contributing to this amazing project during their previous Great Pacific Garbage Patch campaigns back in 2018 and 2019.

We are looking forward to cooperating again this summer!

Radar testing for Floatech Project

Being a start-up means you'll be rolling up your sleeves a lot, like Karel Roozen here. The last couple of weeks Next Ocean - Increasing Operational Limits has been testing their new radar outside on our square. The radar signals wave motions and by using algorithms Next Ocean is able to predict approaching waves minutes in advance.

Recently one of these radars is installed on one of Acta Marine's vessels enabling to operate even more safely and efficiently. This particular radar will be on it's way to France soon, where it will contribute to FLOATECH, a floating wind project by BW Ideol.

Next Ocean Joins The Feeder Alliance

With the recent flurry of announcements for OSW turbine feeder designs in the US market, one question remains: how effective is existing Jones Act tug and barge infrastructure in feedering of OSW turbines from preassembly ports to installation vessels in the USA?

By combining emerging technologies from Seaqualize,, Next Ocean - Increasing Operational Limits along with SEA.O.G. Offshore operational footprint and local industry know how, our teams delivered a joint operability and weather downtime analysis using state of the art motion response analysis along with actual hindcast data from the Vineyard Wind lease area.

Read the white paper here the results may surprise you.

Installing WavePredictor onboad SOV Acta Auriga

A nice day for installing our Next Ocean - Increasing Operational Limits WavePredictor including a dedicated radar on board the Acta Auriga last Wednesday!

We are looking forward to combine state of the art real-time onboard wave motion and workability prediction tools to further optimise SOV operations together with Acta Marine, MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands), MO4 - Setting New Offshore Standards, Radac B.V. and SMST Designers & Constructors.

Big thanks to the Acta Auriga crew for their help and hospitality. We wish them a safe voyage to their next assignment in Scotland!

WavePredictor onboard Acta Auriga

Back in December 2019 our colleague Karel Roozen has been onboard the W2W vessel Acta Auriga to showcase the use of the WavePredictor during cargo and people transfer operations.

All the animated predictions for periods with high and low chances of large motion amplitudes (red/green), were also visible live during the operations.

Contact us to learn more on how the WavePredictor can make your offshore operations more safe and furthermore result in multiple extra workable days on a yearly basis.

WavePredictor commissioned onboard Jumbo Javelin

Earlier this year we shipped a WavePredictor out to Singapore for installation onboard the offshore heavy lift vessel Jumbo Javelin. The system has been commissioned exactly according to schedule. The Jumbo Javelin will be installing TPs (transition pieces) in the Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm in Taiwan for the coming months. The WavePredictor warns for expected motion maxima and will indicate the ideal moments for executing critical steps in the installation works.

We wish the Jumbo Javelin and her crew a successful installation campaign!

WavePredictor Live in Action

I got back ashore again last Wednesday and just received the permission to share the following video clip: the Next Ocean BV WavePredictor system live in action on board the Acta Auriga!

See how the system performs in 2.7m Hs confused seas, accurately warning for some extreme motions of the W2W ship. The footage is played back 4x normal speed (my apologies for the video quality, a nicer video follows soon).

Big thanks to Acta Marine and the crew onboard for letting us board the Acta Auriga for her trip out to sea. Very insightful to experience the offshore windfarm transfer operations from a W2W ship first hand.

Next Ocean Presents at Subsea Lifting Operations Conference in Stavanger

Alpha-Factors of greater than 1.0?! That was one of the discussion topics during the Subsea Lifting Operations conference in Stavanger past two days. MO4 and Next Ocean were invited by DNV GL to share the latest insights in ship motion forecasting technologies. The presentations of both Mark Paalvast and Peter Naaijen inspired the audience to think outside the box of conventional operational limits based on Hs and Tp. Great to see what these innovative technologies offer the offshore sector!

Next Ocean Demonstrates the WavePredictor on board a Damen FCS4008

Damen Shipyards Group, in collaboration with Delft Dynamics and Next Ocean, has trialled a new approach to search and rescue in the North Sea. The collaboration involved qualification testing of Delft Dynamics RH3 drone (RH-3 Swift), along with a fast rescue boat launched from a Damen Sea Axe Fast Crew Supply (FCS) Vessel equipped with Next Ocean's wave and vessel motion predictor.

Watch the video!

Meet us in Rotterdam!

Meet us in Rotterdam at Europort 2019! The Europort takes place from 5-8 November in Rottedam Ahoy. We're presenting our newest user interface, drop by to see it in action. We're present all days on the stand of our host Alhpatron Marine/JRC, stand #3408 in hall 3. Looking forward to see you there!

Meet us in Amsterdam!

Today and tomorrow Next Ocean is present on the Alhpatron Marine stand (#1001) on the Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference (OEEC2019) in the RAI in Amsterdam. Drop by to see the WavePredictor in action!

Update: Missed us at the OEEC20019? Meet us during Europort 2019 in Rotterdam Ahoy next week! You'll find us at the JRC/Alphatron Marine stand (#3408).

Visually Aided Assistence System for Safer Crew Transfers in the Offshore Wind

Next Ocean concluded a research project on the feasibility for a visually aided assistance system for crew transfers in the offshore wind industry ("Visueel Assistentie Systeem voor Crew Transfer in Offshore Wind"). It is concluded that a visually aided assistance system that communicates the predictions of the Next Ocean WavePredictor tailored for use in the offshore wind sector is feasible. The feasibility research was partially funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Next Ocean Presents at Van Oord During Q-Meeting

Little over a year after being nominated for the Offshore Wind Innovation Award Next Ocean was invited to present their success that followed the nomination. Karel Roozen presented the projects and applications of the past year that were kickstarted by the Offshore Wind Innovation Award nomination. Many thanks to Offshore Wind Innovators and the Q-meeting organising partners Van Oord and Siemens for giving us the stage!

Next Ocean to Conclude Successful PSV Trial

Beginning of this year Next Ocean joined forces with Vroon Offshore Engineering to setup a trial with the Next Ocean WavePredictor on one of Vroon's Platform Supply Vessels (PSV). During the trial the WavePredictor proved to be capable of predicting waves and ship motions live during offshore operations. As it was the first live trial the crew did not use the system's output in their operations yet. However, the crew reported that the WavePredictor would significantly improve their awareness of incoming waves and potential loss of DP position in marginal conditions. Escpecially during operations at night.

Maritime Match Day 2019

Next Ocean presented their company to Naval Architecture and Offshore Engieering students during the Maritime Match Day 2019. Are you looking for an graduation internship and skilled in the field of hydromechanics? Contact us by mail and drop by for a cup of coffee!

Next Ocean Delivers Technology for The Ocean Cleanup

On the 8th of September The Ocean Cleanup launched their first plastic capturing system from San Francisco Bay into the Pacific: System 001. The coming several months System 001, nicknamed 'Wilson', is tested thoroughly and they hope to bring back the first batch of ocean plastics. Next Ocean's technology is installed on board the ship that stays near the system and continuously keeps an eye on her during these first exciting months. With our technology we help The Ocean Cleanup to better understand the behaviour of the barrier in the wind and waves at the ocean. We are glad to contribute in this way to this much-needed project. We wish The Ocean Cleanup team a thriving continuation and many successful plastic catches! (Photo: Ocean Cleanup)

Next Ocean Presents at Offshore Seminar Rotterdam

Being one of the Offshore Wind Innovators 'Innovation Award Nominees' Next Ocean was invited to present their innovative wave and ship motion prediction technology at the Offshore Seminar Rotterdam. The technology was well received by the audience who responded with a lot of interest and questions. Altogether a fruitful seminar with lots of interesting talks and networking opportunities.

Next Ocean Starting Link2Innovate Project

To further trial and showcase the Wave Prediction technology Next Ocean will cooperate with a Belgium test partner in a Link2Innovate project. This project is conjointly financed by the European Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland programme ( Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland stimulates border crossing projects for smart, green and inclusive growth, from the 'European Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling' (EFRO).

Next Ocean Nominated for Offshore Wind Innovators Innovation Award

Offshore Wind Innovators launched their Innovation Award this year for the first time. Next Ocean is nominated by the Jury and we are invited to pitch our innovative Wave and Shipmotion prediciton technology during the Q-Meeting at Van Oord offices in Rotterdam on Wednesday the 6th of December. Besides the Jury Award there will be a Public Award as well. Please join the Q-Meeting if you want to make your vote count!

Benefits of Wave Watching Rewarded

Delta, the TU Delft magazine, published an article on Next Ocean today. A well written summary on the technology, Peter Naaijen his PhD promotion and the Offshore Energy Best Innovation Award. Want to know more? Click the button below to read the article.

10 Years of Innovation - Offshore Energy Conference 2017

Presented to its visitors under the name "Ten years of innovation, what's next?", the technical session tried to capture the challenging processes of these innovations in the current market and predict future technological innovations. Our Co-Founder Karel Roozen joined the panel discussion together with Edward Heerema, Jan van der Tempel, Pieter Swart, Andries Hoffman and Martijn Koppert.

Next Ocean Wins Offshore Energy Best Innovation Award 2017

We are thrilled to announce Next Ocean as winner of the Offshore Energy Best Innovation Award! The award honors the best innovation in the offshore oil and gas industry of 2017, and was presented to the team at Offshore Energy's Opening Gala Dinner in Amsterdam. We thank the expert jury for their acknowledgement of the significance of our innovative technology for the Offshore Energy industry!

Watch the video!

Dr. Ir. Peter Naaijen

This morning our Colleage and Co-Founder Peter Naaijen defended his PhD thesis "DETERMINISTIC PREDICTION OF WAVES AND WAVE INDUCED VESSEL MOTIONS - FUTURE TELLING BY USING NAUTICAL RADAR AS A REMOTE WAVE SENSOR" with great success. Peter got some challenging questions and answered them with clearly sublime expertise on the topic. He was even praised by members of the committee on his good answers. Congratulations to you Peter for this astonishing achievement!

IADC Safety Award 2017 Nomination

Next Ocean's Wave Prediction technology is nominated for the International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) Safety Award 2017. Out of the thirteen nominees a winner will be announced during the IADC Annual General Meeting in Marseille, France this September.

Next Ocean at the Europort 2017

Next Ocean is present at the Europort 2017 this November. We host a stand at the 'Start-Up Plaza'. The exhibition theme perfectly matches our product: Maximising Vessel Performance. Interested in how Next Ocean's technology maximizes your vessel's performance? Meet us in Rotterdam!

Next Ocean at OSWVS 2017

Next Ocean Sponsors the 4th Operating Specialist Wind Vessels Summit in Hamburg this September. Our Co-Founder Karel will be presenting recent Next Ocean's Wave Predicting technology field test results. Interested? Meet us in Hamburg!

Environmental Friendly Technology!

Next Ocean's wave predicting technology is acknowledged being an environmental friendly technology by the Dutch Government. Short term wave predicting technologies enable more efficient use of ships. Therefore the use of such technology is stimulated by tax reduction via the MIA(36% investment reduction on fiscal profit) and VAMIL(75% variable write off) regulations.

New Office Location

Next Ocean opens the doors of her new office in Buccaneer Delft. The Buccaneer, a former army arsenal beautifully converted to office spaces and owned by Joop Roodenburg, is located in the historic city centre of the Delft. It houses the Buccaneer Accelerator that is focussed on start-ups in the offshore and energy business.

STW Subsidy Granted

The Take-Off subsidy is ment to stimulate commercialisation of innovations developed at Dutch knowledge institutes. We thank STW for their financial support and therewith acknowledgement of the added value of our ship motion prediction technology.